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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

#soundsgood : Erik Hassle

As an early Christmas present the ever special ERIK HASSLE has released a brand new remix of his comeback single ‘Talk About It’ by the Toronto based produced DEEBS. The deepest bass, scatty hi-hats and minimal Morse-code synths really give this track an exciting new edge but also keeps the soulfulness from the original right where it needs to be. Take a listen here and bask in its' greatness.

Download "Talk About It" here:

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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Following their sold-out and critically acclaimed European tour Goldfrapp announce a UK tour for March and April 2014.

The band’s recent dates, which included a sell out tour of major European cities, including a show at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, drew a series of fantastic reviews with the Evening Standard calling the show “thrilling” and The Guardian hailing the band’s performance as “majestic”. 

2013 has seen Goldfrapp play a series of highly diverse shows around the world in support of their latest Top 5 album ‘Tales Of Us’, from the Manchester International Festival to headlining Lovebox. These performances have cemented the band’s reputation as one of the most enthralling and inventive live performers around.

In addition to releasing ‘Tales Of Us’ Alison Goldfrapp has been busy curating her first ever art exhibition which opened at The Lowry gallery in Salford in October and runs through to next March. This is the first exhibition within The Lowry¹s new ‘Performer As Curator’ series, and shows artwork Alison has selected from international collections. For more information, please click here


26 March       Birmingham Symphony Hall
27 March       Manchester The Lowry
29 March       Brighton       Dome
30 March       Portsmouth  Guildhall
1 April             Bristol            Colston Hall
2 April             Reading        Hexagon
4 April             Glasgow       Royal Concert Hall
5 April             York               Barbican
7 April             Gateshead    Sage

Tickets go on sale this Friday 13 December at 10am. 


Patterns are a young Manchester band on the verge of releasing their first record "Waking Lines" on Melodic records (6th January 2014). The sound of early morning hallucinations, interstellar sonic plains; that weird space between deep-sleep and reality where nothing is as it seems. That's what their music is all about, they're here to open your mind and shape your world. Here's our chat with Ciarian from the band:

So let's start with a simple and seemingly trivial one: why this name for the band, Patterns? 
It is a reference to the interlocking patterns that make up, music, ourselves and our reality.

And how and when did you meet each other?
We met at university, we used to get high a lot together then slowly a musical project evolved from that.

Your debut album Waking Lines is coming out on January, how're you feeling about that?
Incredibly excited, we've worked on this project for so long that to finally see it coming out is amazing. I just got the finished CD of it through last week and it doesn't quite feel real that something thats been on your computer screen for so long is now a physical thing.

Talking about the themes emerging from it, the title itself conveys a sense of false waking, sleepness, memory, doubt and ambiguous reality. Do you agree?
Yeah the title is about the border lines between different mental states which are ultimately ambiguous and indefinable. I love those states of near deliriousness that you reach where you're not quite sure whether your dreaming or awake and your mind is awash with confused memories and visions.

Do you have a favourite track from it?
Yeah I love the title track "waking lines" its our most experimental song structurally but it also seems to sum up all of the musical and lyrical themes of the album.

You come from Manchester that all we know to be home to huge bands, how do you see yourself in relation to them? Do you think to have roots in your city's music?
Its a bit complex being a band from Manchester because people often ask you this question about how you relate to this musical lineage thats gone before. Quite honestly at the moment we don't see our music as being particularly located in Manchester and we're not influenced by those bands. Its still a beautiful to make music it.

What are your favourite bands and artists? Who are you listening the most?
I listen to a lot of older stuff like Van Morrison whose album "Astral weeks" completely informed how I approach album writing. Recently though we're all enjoying the latest Braids album as well as Cloud Control's Dream Cave.

Listening to your music i felt the meticulous focus on every single note of your album, how was the recording and writing process?
We deliberately avoided the big studio approach because we thought we would lose the ability to experiment and tweak everything, which is so important to our sound. Although we make music that sounds like a band our writing process is much more like an electronic artist where samples, synths and effects processing is quite carefully combined to take the song into a different space. 

How much does the live element matter in your music? And if you could choose a band or an artist to play with on a stage, who would you choose?
The live experience is incredibly important to us and we're always aiming to find ways to evolve it. Personally the best live experience I ever had was watching Bjork perform biophilia at the Manchester International festival, I would love to collaborate with her.

What is the message that you would like to convey to those who listen to your music?
In a lot of ways our use of reverb, non linear lyrical devices and opaque references are an attempt to avoid direct communication with the listener. But for me I suppose the album is about how our reality, values and sense of identity are not as fixed or concrete as we sometimes think they are. Our realities are constructed and performed rather than discovered or present. 

Have you ever been to Italy?
We've never played in Italy but if anyone wants us too we'd be more then happy to oblige. 

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Chloe Martini (born Anna ┼╗mijewska) is a 20-years old Polish beatmaker and electronic music producer, currently based in Warsaw.

-Who are you?
I'm just this girl full of dreams and passionate about music.

- Why did you choose this pseudonym?
By accident, i just randomly combined things i had in my room, which was Chloe perfume and Martini bottle.

-Nowadays it's kind of hard to find young women in the indie-electro genre, what do you think about it? Do you have any female model to whom you relate?
There are not too many female producers these days, sadly. I'd say that my favourite one is Patrice Rushen and i must admit that i adore 80s pop music so badly.7

What genres and artists influenced your music the most?
80s-90s pop, rnb and disco are deffinately my main inspirations. Lately i also love the laid-back feeling of neo-soul music. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jamiroquai, James Blake, SOS Band, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson just to name a few.

- How would you define your sound?
Soulful, most deffinatelly. I don't really like labeling music, but my tracks are fullfilled with my soul, that's for sure.

-Recently you released a single named "Temptation", what's your temptation?

-By the choices of your released singles i can imagine that fashion has a relevant role in your music, do you agree? What's cool nowadays?
I don't know, i think i do all that subconsciously. I listen to a lot of music, very diverse music. I never look at what's cool now and what's not, i just follow my instinct and simply listen to music that i like.

-You come from Poland. What do you think about the music coming from your country and how how do you see yourself in relation to Europe?
Lately we have some really cool events in Poland. I can tell that more and more people are starting to listen underground producers which makes me really happy. I'm sure tho that it's still different here than in Paris, London, Amsterdam or Berlin. But i can't complain 

-What's your favourite artist and song?
Right now i'd say its Pomo - Work It Out, the outro is just wow.

-Who do you think are the most relevant musicians nowadays and who are you listening to the most?
Just like i mentioned before, Pomo, new HW&W artist came out of nowhere and just blew my mind. I also admire Mr. Carmack, his productions are so crazy but at the same time very storytelling and full of soul. 

-Wanna talk us about your Heineken Open'er Festival experience? How much does the live element matter in your music?
It was my first performance ever, but a great one, greatest so far. For me it's amazing to show on stage slightly different, more experimental version of records that we can hear on radio or itunes. But i'm not really a fan of doing live performances with APC plugged to your laptop and lounching the clips from Ableton, it's still like DJing to me. I'd love one day to play my tunes with whole real band (bass, drums, guitars, rhodes etc.) on stage. That's the real shit, not easy to achive tho.

-If you could pick an artist or a band to play with on a stage, who would you choose?
Pharell Williams, The Internet and Tyler, The Creator. 

-What do you think about the music industry nowadays?
It's just getting worst and worst. The lyrics means nothing, productions are all the same, just repeating all same patterns. But there are talented musicians out there, just mass media don't talk about them, sadly the people who aren't talented, let's just call them products, are the most popular. It's all about marketing and money, besically people from marketing business are doing a great job because people are really buying their products. We're just blind, this is sad. 

-What is the message that you'd like to express to the people who listen to your music?
Don't think, just feel. 

-What is your favourite book and movie?
Book: "Catcher In The Rye", Movie: i have many, but i really love Tarantino movie "Four Rooms"

-How and where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
In a studio producing records for talented soul singers-songwriters.

-Pc or Mac?
Since i have Mac, i'd say Mac, but i still have sentiment to PC.

-Beatles or Rolling Stones?